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  • Name: Sea Open Water Boat Inflatable Floating Pool
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  • Dimension:
  • Material:
  • G.W.:
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  • Blower:

In July 2017, a Vietnamese customer who owns a huge tourist ship bought a couple of these inflatable floating pools from our factory. Now they've gotten our inflatable float pool products. They set up one of the float pools, as you see. And people enjoy the special open water pool swimming. We are happy to see that our clients like our products. And thank you again for your support and placing the order to us. We will keep manufacturing good products for you.

In Joyful Fun factory, the floating pool products were completed.

Lift the inflatable pool up, you can see that there's netting fence with the depth about 2m and pool ladder.The netting fence is isolated from fish or something else and kept the people no sinking.

The pools were completed with customer's brand logo that means they belongs to you customers.

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