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Can Inflatable Poles Make Better Tents?

Date:Mar 30,2017


Replacing their rigid predecessors, inflatable poles offer advantages like ease of setup — you just pump them up — and increased strength. Disadvantages are weight and complication. Worth it? We spent a week living in an inflatable tent to find out.
Pictured above is the Heimplanet Mavericks tent, built to resist 120mph winds thanks to its inflatable, geodesic dome structure.
Inflatable tent poles first hit the camping world at the beginning of the decade, with small companies like Heimplanet using them to launch radical-looking designs and a new brand. High-end equipment maker Nemo quickly adopted the technology for some of its minimalist backpacking shelters.
Joyful Fun also professionally manufacture inflatable tent equipments. However, the tent designs were relatively not so radical and complicated.Joyful Fun inflatable tent is concentrated on quality and details, function, practicbility and convenience. Joyful Fun tents are classified to be there categories in scale, size L, M, S. They are usually used for outdoor big events, special shelter, outdoor view hotel and advertising, etc.

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