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      Organizer Wacky World, who have already staged a series of similar events in the north west, have revealed plans to bring a host of 18+ soft play fun and gamesDetails>>

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      This Feb. 22, 2017 photo shows "Blow Up: Inflatable Contemporary Art" exhibition at the Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, Mich. The traveling exhibition includes works by artists from Chicago, California, New York, Florida and Japan. The exhibit will be on display until April 23.
      Sharing Article(Joel Bissell/Muskegon Chronicle via AP) THE ASSOCIATED PRESSDetails>>

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      Replacing their rigid predecessors, inflatable poles offer advantages like ease of setup — you just pump them up — and increased strength. Disadvantages are weight and complication. Worth it? We spent a week living in an inflatable tent to find out.
      Pictured above is the Heimplanet Mavericks tent, built to resist 120mph winds thanks to its inflatable, geodesic dome structure.
      Inflatable tent...Details>>

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      Which would you prefer? An uptight drill sergeant screaming in your face while you do push-ups in the rain, or a giant bouncy slide? Crawling through the mud under razor wire, or a rope swing over a few inches of water? If this was standard issue at every military base, even hippies would be lining up to serve their country. And check that price tag. That's paltry compared to what the Air Force al...Details>>