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  JF1710**** Dan*** Sambill Pa****** Malaysia Bumper Ball, Sports Game, Obstacle In Production
  JF171023**** Ronaldo G****** Personal Japan Inflatable Combo Shipping Completed
  JF171019**** Dan*** Sambill Pa****** Malaysia Giant Obstacle, Big Tent & Arch Completed
  JF1709**** Y.H.*** World Ti****** Taiwan Inflatable Paintball Bunker Shipping Completed
  JF1709**** Ahmed ****** AL-Ra****** Iraq Inflatable Slide & Trampoline Shipping Completed
  JF170927**** Edamel C*** Dynamic Pr****** Thailand Boat Hanging Slide Shipping Completed
  JF170922**** Chestnut Gi****** Chestnut ****** Italy Inflatable Combo Shipping Completed
  JF170918**** Akpezua D Z*** Personal Ghana Helium Balloon Shipping Completed
  JF170824**** Oliver Van****** Timbleque****** Spain Christmas Inflatables Shipping Completed
  JF1708**** Rodrig****** Golden****** Taiwan Cliff Big Air Mat Shipping Completed
  JF170815**** Shann****** Entertai****** Australia Inflatable Combo Completed
  JF201708**** Curtis****** Awesome Fa****** USA Dry/wet Combo & AD Model Shipping Completed
  201708**** 続木*** Personal Japan Flying Fish Shipping Completed
  JF170808**** Dan*** Sambill Pa****** Malaysia Inflatable Mega Obstacle Course Shipping Completed
  201707**** 続木*** Personal Japan Flying Fish Shipping Completed
  JF1706**** Andy*** Ha Long Pac****** Viet Nam Inflatable Floating Pool Shipping Completed
  JF1705**** Y.H.*** WORLD TI****** Taiwan Inflatable Pool, Arch Shipping Completed
  JF1705**** Mathew R*** Golden HKC****** Canada Inflatable Combo Completed
  JF1704**** E.U. Mo****** Sanam Ma****** Ajman Water Combo Completed
  JF1704**** Alfredo****** Cassarsa****** Mexico Banana Boats Shipping Completed