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  • Name: Inflatable Water Aqua Park
  • Model No.: JFWPK-02
  • Dimension: 30*25*4.2M / 98*82*13.8FT
  • Material: 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin
  • G.W.: 1170KGS
  • Packing Size: 7.8CBM
  • Blower: Air Pump, 5 sets, 600W, 110V, 220-240V

JOYFUL FUN High Quality Inflatable Water Park

The giant inflatable water park Joyful Fun manufactured is an interesting water amusement equipment suitable for children and adults. The water entertainment project is made of a variety of inflatable water equipment, including inflatable water slide, inflatable water rock climbing, inflatable water arch b, inflatable water trampoline, inflatable water obstacles and so on. Some products can be used alone or combination with the inflatable water park together. We can be based on customer’s requirement to design different size and color.
Inflatable water park mainly inflates with air pump, so have the soft surface and high security.
When inflating with the air pump, the inflatable accessories need to connect to the inflation position, then open the switch to start inflating, but pay attention to see the location of the inflation and deflation clearly.
According to the multi-functional design of our products, inflatable water park is suitable for people to play together. The modeling is vivid and interesting, which can make the players to enjoy the water sports better, and also can exercise the players' body and enhance their responsiveness .
Joyful Fun inflatable water park, not only bring the fun to the players, but also have greater potential for development.

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