All inflatables, OEM/ODM, continuous air/airtight, ground/water, solution.


100% Manufacturer

Factory locates in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Welcome to visit JOYFUL FUN anytime.


4000Sq.m Factory

Big scale in inflatable industry. Completed workshops, production lines, procedures and institutions.


10+ Years professional

10 years makes us know how to do and what we should do for customers.


100% Service from heart

Really good faith company provides good service from bottom of heart.


99% Required quality

Try our best to make good inflatables as requested. 99% means that we must improve better


90% Timely shipment

High efficiency&good plan, yet many orders' production, 10% shipment may delays or delay


30 Technologists

More than 30 technologists, designer and skilled workers make sure stable quality and efficiency.


JOYFUL FUN focus on innovation for the design creation, technology and management. The enterprise keeps its life by continuous creation.

①10 Years Professional JOYFUL FUN

Since 2008, there was big difference between us JOYFUL FUN with most of other factories, that is what major we started was producing airtight welding inflatable product. In that condition, we started the welding technology very early which was weakness for most of other factories. After a couple of years, Joyful Fun began to produce sewing inflatable bouncers. At that time, the sewing technology was becoming mature, and Joyful Fun handle the core technology in a short period, anyway sewing inflatable technique is easier to be handled. The key of making good inflatable ride is doing manufacture from heart for customer. After so many years’ production experience and service offer, Joyful Fun becomes more than 10 years professional in the inflatable bouncy equipment industry.

②One-Stop Inflatables. All in Joyful Fun.

Joyful Fun Toys inflatables factory manufactures almost all kinds of inflatable products, such as inflatable toys like inflatable slide, inflatable obstacle course, inflatable water toys park, inflatable sports games, bouncing castles, big inflatable playground, large inflatable water slide, beast giant obstacle course, and another major product inflatable tent, giant inflatable dome tent, airtight inflatable tent, inflatable cube tent, inflatable globe bubble tent, advertising inflatable products and zorb balls, water walking balls, even we can supply PVC floats and the inflatable pool, etc.

Joyful Fun accept customization orders for all above inflatable products. You might show your product list or plan to us, you would get good price base on good quality that Joyful Fun try the best to offer.

Joyful Fun Toys also can help customers to purchase the relative products, such as life jackets for entertainment use, arm floats, etc matched products for Joyful Fun inflatable aqua park, and sports balls etc accessories.

So customers can easily purchase many different kinds of good inflatable products from us one factory. Joyful Fun indeed gets the strength and experience. Buy inflatable toy products from Joyful Fun, you customers could save money, save worry and save time, namely also money.

③4000 sq.m Factory

Till 2018, JOYFUL FUN have about 4000 square meter factory which includes 3 big workshops, 1 storehouse and a playground in the middle. Total 4 production lines. One biggest workshop which has a arch roof is the integrated workshop for cutting, sewing production line 1, and welding production line 1. The 2nd workshop is special for production line 2 for OEM airtight welding inflatable product. And the last workshop is for sewing production line 2. And these workshops were partitioned to different function zones, such as cutting area where sets 2 full sized cutting machines, production area, testing area and warehouse. So Joyful Fun has completed production lines for all kinds of inflatable product, inflatable toy, inflatable tent and so on.

④Joyful Fun is Sincere Inflatables Supplier

Joyful Fun is a faithful manufacturer of inflatable amusement equipment in China. Faith is one of the important credo of Joyful Fun. It is whether a good supplier or not mostly depends on the enterprise’s culture and their leaders’ belief and decision. And Joyful Fun’s leaders are sincere, faithful and responsible people. They know sincerity and friendliness is the base of long time business relation

⑤Joyful Fun True Quality-based Price

Joyful Fun declare neither false high price, nor inferior low price, but only offer good cost-effective and quality-based price. Joyful Fun use genuine material, refined technology, reasonable and safe design, design service. Joyful Fun really supply good quality inflatable products. Good quality product can not be very cheap. Sometimes, the price looks high, but it’s not high price, but necessary quality-based price. It’s not that Joyful Fun quote high price, but some irresponsible competitors quote too cheap price based on poor quality just for getting the order. Joyful Fun just quote responsible price. In the other hand, there are many factories that quote higher price than Joyful Fun. Even though Joyful Fun price sometimes looks higher a little, but there’s a little profit, Joyful Fun just use the money for making good quality and return it back to the customer. Please trust us, Joyful Fun product can give you more.

⑥Professional Reasonable Design

Joyful Fun also creates new original inflatable products with different functions according to different markets and amusement zones. Joyful Fun product designers would design good inflatables by thinking about every details, the toys’ playability, practicality and use convenience. And the experienced director pass the design, the designs could be produced.

No matter original products or customized inflatable toys, Joyful Fun teams, not only design department but also sales department even production directors would concentrate much on design of inflatable products. Joyful Fun sales managers who are also professional would think about good and practical inflatable product for customers from the very beginning. And after the designers have designed the products, the salesman and factory director would also double-check the design according to the requirements. According to many years’ experience, Joyful Fun teams try the best to provide reasonable designs that comply with customers’ demands and even budget.

Click to check Joyful Fun design power

⑦Powerful production ability. Timely delivery.

Joyful Fun get most of timely delivery for customers. Because Joyful Fun get many advanced machines and completed production lines. Except for these hardware, Joyful Fun get many stable experienced manpower, and the most important is that Joyful Fun have good production institution that many factories merely have. And Joyful Fun workers try their best to catch up the time and do work from heart for customers. So little Joyful Fun orders’ delivery delays. Unless there was some unexpected objective reason.

⑧Rich trading experience, control the transaction cost

Joyful Fun have experienced sales team for trading inflatable toy products. The sales managers have a couple of years’ foreign trading experience. Especially the chief officer of the trading department has more than 10 years trading experience in inflatable industry of both oversea market and domestic market. Joyful Fun staffs would provide professional service for sending inflatable rides to customers of all over the world. Besides, Joyful Fun salesman can control the transaction cost and choose the best way for fast and safe transportation. And Joyful Fun staffs don’t charge untrue charges. Long term beneficial cooperation and good reputation is what we want. You will experience our sincere and enthusiastic service.

⑨Reliable Shipping.

According to many years’ experience, Joyful Fun control the shipping ways well. No matter the shipping by sea, by air or air express, Joyful Fun salesman could quickly choose the best way for customers. And Joyful Fun cooperate with reliable cargo companies for a long time, and good transport channels for shipping to everywhere of the world were built. So no matter shipping to the port, air

port or door to door, Joyful Fun can handle it well for customers.

⑩Safe and Reliable

Joyful Fun inflatable products are safe. The trading with Joyful Fun Toys is safe. The payment to Joyful Fun is safe. And goods’ delivery to you is safe, too. All these depend on that Joyful Fun Toys is a reliable supplier.

Because Joyful Fun is reliable, so the inflatable toys, inflatable tents, etc. are designed and produced according to safety standards. And finished products are packed well for safe. Because Joyful Fun’s many years’ experience, Joyful Fun can keep the transactions safe and smooth, no matter by sea shipping, by air, Express or Door to door, Joyful Fun gets reliable experienced agents.

Regarding safe payment, all payment methods are officially published by Joyful Fun in website or contract, such as Company Account which get exact company name and other internet account with the official enterprise email ID. So pay to Joyful Fun is safer.

Regarding delivery, for Incoterms CNF, CIF, DDP Joyful Fun Toys gets reliable shipping forwarders and cargo companies. For EXW, FOB, Joyful Fun provides safe inland sending to appointed warehouse. For special

11.Truly After-Sale Service

Joyful Fun provides true after-sale service, such as warranty, installation guides, paid field installation guide, reasonable free accessory supply, etc. These are true terms to perform. Especially for warranty terms, warranty time, that is stipulated in contract with Joyful Fun. And till now, Joyful Fun keep performing the responsibility and compensation for the problem, even thought it’s very few.

No matter Pre-sale service or After-sale service, Joyful Fun Toys is responsible inflatable factory. That’s why Joyful Fun could get so many good testimonials.

12.Worthy Cooperation

“Make good inflatables, we are serious!” This is not just a slogan. It’s base of long time beneficial business. Actually, do good business, we are serious.

Cooperation with Joyful Fun Toys is worthy and valued. The worth is not only valued good quality inflatable toys, but the good reputation, long term mutual beneficial relation and constant service.

See more details of some cooperated cases.

Good Quality & Service

Joyful Fun inflatables are all of good quality, precision, details and practicability. Joyful Fun produce and serve for customer with all the heart.

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