• Guangzhou Joyful Fun Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd(hereafter referred to as JOYFUL FUN) is a design driven manufacturer of inflatable toy product and amusement equipment. The company’s predecessor is Guangzhou Chengcheng Inflatable Product Factory which is built in 2008. Through the factory’s constant development in many years, JOYFUL FUN also launched the subsidiary Joyful Fun Toys Co., Ltd.
  • The company gradually becomes a professional enterprise that set design, production, trading, OEM service, amusement park planning solution service and Inflatables&Equipment Brand building all into one company. Joyful Fun sincerely provides high quality amusement equipments, inflatable bouncer, inflatable toy, matched electric amusements and inflatables OEM service for many amusement parks, theme parks, play centers, big or small water parks, etc indoor and outdoor parks in the world. JOYFUL FUN Toy Company, with premium quality, good service, timely delivery, rich international trading experience, keep remaining long term sincere and mutually beneficial cooperation with worldwide clients.

JOYFUL FUN-Excellent Manufacturer of All Inflatables, Park and Water Park.

As the subsidiary of JOYFUL FUN, Joyful Fun Toys Co., Ltd is the representative of JOYFUL FUN for foreign trading high quality inflatable toys, amusement equipment, toy, gift, etc. JOYFUL FUN provides premium quality product, good service, punctual delivery time. Through long time international trading experience, the company always keeps sincere, friendly, safe and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers.

Joyful Fun Toys Co., Ltd insists on the company credo: Be excellent, faithful, create fun. The company keep aiming to high quality, continuous innovation, good faith, customer satisfaction. And finally create a splendid future. These are just true meaning of “JOYFUL FUN”.

Business Scope, Main Markets

JOYFUL FUN TOYS CO., LTD mainly manufacture and supply indoor and outdoor big inflatable amusement equipment, such as, inflatable bouncy castle, large inflatable slide, big inflatable water park, inflatable pool toy, inflatable toy, inflatable sports, inflatable zip line, inflatable interactive play system(IPS), giant inflatable tent, electric mechanical amusement equipment, matched recreational product, toy and gift, advertising inflatables.

JOYFUL FUN markets are all over the world. Except for the market of China mainland, Joyful Fun mainly export to the markets in North America, Europe, Russia, Australia etc, Oceania. And South East Asia, North East Asia and partial area of Africa are important markets, as well.

JOYFUL FUN Advantages

JOYFUL FUN TOYS CO., LTD have 10-year industrial and trading experienced teams. The company not only supply high quality inflatable toy products to countries all over the world, but provide fast professional inflatable park planing solution. Joyful Fun gets one of the best factory which was built in 2008. Till 2018, JOYFUL FUN factory takes area of about 4000 sq.m, besides, the factory have many advanced equipments. And more important is that Joyful Fun factory gets more than 30 professional technologists and designers. According to Joyful Fun toy’s advantages in airtight inflatables and sewing inflatables, Joyful Fun product designers design safe and reasonable new inflatables design. The experienced technologists and automatic equipments make Joyful Fun have powerful production strength in inflatable games industry. And that is the guarantee for high efficiency, and then timely delivery. In the mean while, high ability of quality control makes sure premium quality. Experience many years’ foreign trading, Joyful Fun can send products to everywhere of the world steadily, safely, and quickly. At last, Joyful Fun provide true after-sales service so that assure the customers getting reasonable equity. Joyful Fun is always trying to be responsible inflatables supplier who is with good reputation.

Service Principle

Being excellent, faithful, and create fun. We keep excellent quality and service, being full of faith and enthusiasm, constant creation to create high grade inflatable amusement and according high-end inflatables brand, eventually develop long term friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation with worldwide customers.


Popular products for most markets.

Creative products for new times.

Worthy products for successful business.

JOYFUL FUN is a excellent and responsible manufacturer of amusement inflatables. Joyful Fun factory was built in 2008 which takes area of 4000 sq.m. And JOYFUL FUN provide all kinds of inflatable product, inflatable water park toy, inflatable tents, also provide OEM, good service, timely delivery.






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