As inflatable product OEM, JOYFUL FUN(OEM FUN) have provided many years’ OEM production service for many brands and enterprises which are from Europe, Korea, USA, Oceania, China mainland and South East Asia.

Some cases

for Joyful Fun OEM Customers from all over the world


Experience about 10 years’ production in inflatable product industry, Joyful Fun have already gotten strong production ability, completed institution, OEM mode operation experience and R&D improvement. Because OEM Joyful Fun own big area production plants, so many years’ mature technology through the long time OEM productions, and the most important man power, namely many technologists and skilled workers. All these are precondition for good OEM service. In addition, Joyful Fun leaders concentrate on high quality, long term and friendly cooperation with the buyers as partners, that is the key to be good OEM supplying good quality inflatable toy, inflatable water park, inflatable tents, etc to you buyers.

One-stop inflatables production is another big advantage of Joyful Fun(OEM FUN) . Since Joyful Fun could produce continuous air inflatables and airtight inflatables. And especially Joyful Fun started airtight inflatables production very early that is more competitive than many other factories. Joyful Fun definitely has this confidence. We Joyful Fun do have the power and whole-hearted service to support your brands, company, even events well.


Joyful Fun design team get good design ability. We can take care of your design and every details, try hard to meet the customers’ every requirement right. And Joyful Fun inflatables also can provide design service for your customers, so long as all the design requirements are clear and be told to Joyful Fun sales team and design team.

02Material & Accessary

Regarding the material and accessary, of course, the material is one of the most important for inflatable OEM production. Joyful Fun would not use inferior material, because Joyful Fun’s positioning is mid-to-high, because quality is basic base for long time brand. We believe our customers also do like this. Anyway, Joyful Fun provides cost-effective products and service. So customers could believe the material or auxiliary material what we used is just that we made agreement. No matter the outer material which is visible or the inner material you can not see. Welcome to inspect our production anytime.

Auxiliary material and accessary are also very important, except for the main material. Even sometimes, accessary like handles, belts, devices for some special functional inflatables are even more important than main inflatable part. Don’t worry, Joyful Fun make the accessaries with necessary special strengthening processing, even some exclusive technical processing, even though that would costs us more material and expensive manpower and working time.

03Advanced Technology

Joyful Fun improved every inflatable product’s technology. We could meet high quality requirements. The customers gave us orders demands along with every particular requirements and design scheme. Customer also could send sample to Joyful Fun. Then, Joyful Fun produce new sample for the customers to test product.

04Quality Control

Joyful Fun have strict quality control institution. For every order project, the production department director would be assigned for taking responsible for it. During the production, the director would keep eyes on the production list which contains all production details and quality points of the order, and certainly make sure quality control accordingly precisely, production time catching up the shipment time, as well. Finally the Q/C report is requested as conclusion for qualification.

05 Product Test

After each order production be completed, Joyful Fun inflatables factory would test the inflatable finished products, all of them. For the sewing continuous inflatable product, Joyful Fun blow them up, and check the structure, dimension, printing, sewing seams, complete condition and every details which needs to meet requirements. And for the airtight inflatable products, they would be tested on items including installation, air pressure and especially air tightness, and enough time test is necessary. That’s why we put every inflatable products full with air still for a long time in our plants and test area.

06Production Inspection

Before packing, Joyful Fun factory director would inspect the finished products, or instead of that, customers are welcomed to our factory to inspect the inflatable product personally. Besides, if the customer want to make certificates in China for the products particularly, our products will be qualified, and Joyful Fun will assist the work.


Joyful Fun also pay attention to inflatable product packing. Packing is also a point of quality. Joyful Fun normal packing: careful inner packing with film, and outer PVC tarp packing, double-protection. Clear digital printing or silk printing. Uniform color package. Reinforced handles. Or other kind of special paper carton packing for small and light products. Anyway, all packing according to customer’s requirements.

08Confidential Agreements

Joyful Fun protect customers’ product design, patent, data, and customer information, so long as we sign confidentiality agreement. Then, Joyful Fun will keep the customers’ own design as secret. We would not advertise them, and not use the exclusive patent to other products. In addition, Joyful Fun will always keep the customers who want keep this supply relationship confidential as secret partners. Our website just show the public products or products with out confidentiality.

Some of our friendly cooperated companies. Airtight inflatables case and continuous air inflatables case.

Some open brands that we got the opportunity to cooperate with.

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